Horticulture Innovation Australia                       

Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) is a national research, development and marketing organisation. It works in partnership with horticulture industries, including the vegetable industry, on strategic planning and developing and managing programs that provide benefits to the Australian horticulture sector.

HIA is currently working with 44 industries, 33 of which are members. The organisation is currently running over 1200 projects covering a diversity of topics including market research, supply chain management, export marketing, market access, quality assurance, plant health, pesticide regulation, irrigation and sustainable practices.

Through HIA, horticulture industries are able to access matching Commonwealth Government funding for all R&D activities. The organisation does not conduct research and development itself. It contracts organisations such as state departments of agriculture, universities and the CSIRO to undertake R&D projects. HIA also engages external suppliers to undertake marketing activities; however the organisation does conduct some activities within the marketing program.

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