Prices received per tonne for different vegetables

Industry Financials : 10-12-2012

Prices received per tonne rose for all major vegetables except for pumpkins and lettuce. Tomato and cabbage prices were up strongly (144% and 53% respectively) but average prices across Australia for other vegetables were not up as strongly as expected, given the adverse production conditions in 2010-11.

Comparisons of actual prices received in 2010-11 shows that cash receipts per tonne were lowest for carrot producers at $290, followed by potatoes at $400 per tonne, pumpkins at $420 per tonne and onions at $500 per tonne.

Beans retained their position as having the highest cash receipts per tonne in 2010-11 at $1720 followed by broccoli at $1520 per tonne and lettuce at $1360 per tonne. As analysed previously these three vegetables also had the highest average costs of production.

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