Cost of production per tonne for different vegetables

Industry Financials : 10-12-2012

The cost of production of most vegetables measured in the survey of 2010-11 rose compared to 2009-10 as crucial vegetable growing regions experienced adverse climatic conditions. Lettuce was the only major vegetable where average cash costs fell across Australia. Broccoli cost of production was flat. Average costs of production were up sharply for tomatoes to $843 per tonne, cabbages up 63% to $805 per tonne, pumpkins up 46% to $694 per tonne, carrots up 32% to $261 per tonne, beans up 23% to $1332 per tonne and onions up 21% to $370 per tonne.

Comparisons between vegetables of the actual cash cost of production show that carrot growers continued to have the lowest average cost of production of $261 in 2010-11. Potatoes had the second lowest cost of production in 2010-11 followed by onions, the same ranking as in 2009-10 and 2008-09. It is no coincidence that these three vegetables led by carrots are Australia’s leading fresh vegetable exports.

Broccoli with an average cost of $1339 per tonne in 2010-11 had the highest cost of production among the main vegetables, a similar story to 2009-10. Beans had the second highest costs followed by lettuce and tomatoes.

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