Financial performance of vegetable farms by State

Industry Financials : 2010-2011

Total cash receipts of vegetable farms in Australia in 2010-11 averaged $792,200, an increase of 12% from $707,200 in 2009-10. Average cash receipts fell in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. These falls were compensated by strong rebounds in receipts in Western Australia (up 54%) and Victoria (up 21%) and a continuation of higher receipts in South Australia.

Western Australia growers had the highest cash receipts in 2010-11, well in excess of growers in other states. Total cash receipts in Western Australia averaged across all farms at $1,414,600 exceeded the national average by 79% and were more than four times average cash receipts in New South Wales. Farms in New South Wales continued to have the lowest average receipts of $343,900 in 2010-11, less than half the national average perhaps reflecting the smaller scale of farms in that state which are concentrated in the Sydney basin. Receipts in Tasmania and Queensland were also below the national average. Growers in the former rely heavily on production for the processing sector and growers in the latter were adversely impacted by unseasonal weather conditions.

Farm cash income of vegetable farms in Australia in 2010-11 rose for the first time in three years, up 14% from $142,090 in 2009-10 to $161,600. Average farm cash incomes rose in all states except Tasmania where growers were hit by a combination of falling receipts and rising costs. Western Australian growers once again outperformed with a rise in average cash income of 41%. Despite the improvement in the average relative return to Western Australia growers, as for 2009-10, South Australian growers had the highest cash income in 2010-11 with an average of $257,000. Average returns to growers in New South Wales and Tasmania continued to underperform the national average.

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