Farm business profit of vegetable farms

Industry Financials : 10-12-2012

Farm business profit averaged $48,500 in Australia in 2010-11, up 16% on 2009-10. Profitability improved strongly in all states except Victoria and Tasmania where growers experienced sharp falls to $50,400 and $9,600 respectively. Despite the improvement in profitability, on average, growers in New South Wales continued to generate business losses of $8,500.

The fall in profits for Tasmanian growers after recent improvements is a cause for concern while the persistently low profit returns to vegetable growers in New South Wales suggests that factors other than vegetable growing may be sustaining some growers.

South Australian growers continued to generate the highest average profits in 2010-11 at an average of $148,600 while there was a sharp rebound in profits in Queensland, more than doubling to $42,700 and in Western Australia, up 77% to $101,100.

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