Vegetable Spotlight : 24-01-2011

    • The value of lettuce production rose by 11.3% to $187 million in 2008/09. 
    • Lettuce was Australia’s 6th largest vegetable crop in 2008/09, accounting for 6.2% of total vegetable production by value. 
    • Production and yields fell slightly in 2009, but there was a small rise in the area planted. 
    • Production is concentrated in the Eastern states, particularly Victoria and Queensland. 
    • Based on production estimates consumption of lettuces has risen in recent years. 
    • Prices on both domestic and export markets were strong in 2009. 
    • The total number of growers rose from 557 in 2008 to 566 in 2009 but there is a significant variation in the size of operations between the States. 
    • Exports have risen over the past three years and Australia runs a positive balance of trade in lettuce as imports are negligible.

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