Coordinated Knowledge and Industry Development Program


The Knowledge Management System is AUSVEG’s central database where users can access a wealth of agronomic, economic, and scientific information. The database is loaded with useful fact sheets, peer-reviewed research reports, websites, apps for your phone or tablet, as well as AUSVEG’s publications of Vegetables Australia, Potatoes Australia, and Vegenotes.

The system is continually being upgraded for ease-of-use, speed and loading times and search functionality. The Knowledge Management System is personalised for each user’s individual interests and preferences. For example, a carrot and potato grower can log in and select to be notified with research published relating to those specific vegetable types. A user-friendly and easily navigable research database is essential for ensuring growers have access to the latest R&D reports. 

In addition to the database, AUSVEG will continue to release Information-Sheets, R&D e-Newsletters and media releases surrounding future R&D news. Follow us on Twitter (@AUSVEG) to stay in touch with the latest R&D developments and other industry news or contact AUSVEG on (03) 9882 0277 for more information.

InfoVeg Radio

InfoVeg Radio is an R&D-focused podcast developed by AUSVEG specifically for Australian vegetable producers.
Infoveg Radio will provide growers with a unique insight into vegetable R&D, with each edition including interviews with researchers who are conducting projects using the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian government.
Infoveg Radio is designed to allow easy access to the latest in vegetable R&D and there are several ways to listen while at home or in the field.

Industry and Economic Analysis

Carbon pricing, farm finance packages and government policies have a widespread effect across the industry, which is why comprehensive analysis of how they affect growers is vital. 
The AUSVEG Economist reports in publications of Vegetables Australia, commenting on market data, economic policy and other events that affect the supply chain. The focus will be on providing feedback to AUSVEG as the Peak Industry Body regarding economic matters and industry performance so that growers can stay informed as the markets change. Our economist will also provide commentary as required in information-sheets, media releases and newsletters.

Consumer and Market Research

There is an increasing need within the vegetable industry to monitor and gauge consumer perception and behaviour in relation to fresh vegetables. In response to this need, ongoing monthly reports will be released by AUSVEG over the course of 2013-15 following research conducted by Colmar Brunton. The reports include a range of data including quantity of vegetable purchases, consumption behaviour, vegetable retailers, secondary vegetable products (such as vegetable snacks and drinks), barriers/triggers to purchase and more. The reports provide detailed statistics on four focus vegetables each month.

The ongoing market research conducted by Colmar Brunton provides invaluable feedback for growers, retailers, suppliers and others involved in the vegetable supply chain. Understanding what consumers want, what they are buying and why will ensure that the vegetable industry can continue to meet customers’ expectations and increase retail growth of vegetables. Consumer trends are highly dynamic and these monthly reports will provide detailed tracking of consumer patterns at monthly and annual scales. AUSVEG will report on the monthly research reports as they are released; see the Colmar Brunton page to download the reports.

Investment is directed by the Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee and administered by Horticulture Innovation Australia. To find out more click here.